Whole House Repiping in Lewis Center, OH

Whole House Repiping

Replacing Your Home’s Pipes

Most homeowners rarely think about their plumbing system unless they’re experiencing problems. People expect things to work daily without any issues. However, if you have an older home, you may begin to notice more plumbing problems cropping up than usual. Instead of putting out one fire after another, whole house repiping may be the better solution. If you suspect you may require whole house repiping in Lewis Center, OH or the surrounding area, our professionals can provide the help you need. Call us at 614-681-8870 today to learn more about our services. 

When to Schedule Whole House Repiping

The pipes in your home can’t last forever, and at some point, you will need to replace the pipes you currently have. However, it can sometimes be difficult to determine when whole home repiping is the best solution for your needs. Here are the most common signs indicating you may need whole home repiping.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure at a single fixture can happen because of a clog or leak in a particular pipe. However, if you have low water pressure throughout the house, it’s worth investigating whether you need whole house repiping to solve the problem.

Frequent Leaks

If your pipes constantly leak, it may be time to replace the entire piping system. Frequent leaks develop as pipes age, and eventually, it stops making financial sense to continue repairing them. Upgrading your plumbing will save you money, solve the problem, and give you one less thing to worry about.

Old and Corroded Pipes

Over time, pipes can become old and corroded, causing them to break down and leak. Replacing them with new pipes will solve this problem and add value to your home if you choose to sell it later. As a general rule of thumb, whole house repiping is the best idea if your plumbing system is over 50 years old or if you have galvanized steel or lead pipes.

How Long Does Repiping a House Take?

If you’ve decided to take the plunge and schedule a whole house repiping, the next concern you probably have is how long it will take and how long you’ll be without service. Whole home repiping is a complex project, so the timeline to complete this job depends mainly on the size of your home. In general, the work on a smaller home can be completed in about two days, while the work on a large home can take up to a week. The good news is that your plumbing contractor installs new pipes alongside the old ones, meaning you won’t be without water service for the duration of the job. You may lose access temporarily at a single location, but rarely should it be house-wide.

We’re Ready to Help

Before hiring a repipe contractor, it’s best to get estimates to determine if this is in your budget. Also, it’s wise to assess your plumbing system honestly to determine if whole house repiping is necessary or if you can get by with a sectional repair. Our team of professionals will start the process with a consultation to help determine which solutions are best for you and your individual needs. 

If you’re interested in whole house repiping in Lewis Center, OH or the surrounding area, get in touch with our team. We can also help with other services such as fixture replacement and repair as well as emergency plumbing repairs. Call us at 614-681-8870 to get things started.