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It’s a universal experience. You go to the bathroom only to realize that the bowl’s backed up. Do you know what to do when your toilet is backed up? If you’re like most people, you may have basic knowledge of what it looks like to plunge a toilet, but you’re not sure how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Fortunately, you have someone on your side who can provide toilet repair in Lewis Center, OH and the surrounding area when you need it most. Give us a call at 614-681-8870 and we can be there right away to provide you with the services you need.

Preventing the Need for Toilet Repair

Toilets can become backed up for a number of different reasons. Keeping that in mind, why do toilets usually clog, and what can you do to prevent the need for toilet repair services? Let’s examine the most common causes of clogs and when to call for clogged toilet repair.

Using Too Much Toilet Paper

When you flush too much toilet paper at once, it doesn’t all dissolve and can cause a blockage. Experts recommend flushing the waste, then the toilet paper, to reduce the chance of a clog in your toilet drain.

Introduction of Foreign Objects 

Kids love to flush things down the toilet, but toys and other objects can cause major problems. Even something as small as a Lego brick can lead to a clog.


Wait. Do people really flush their hair? Yes, they do, and hair is another common culprit when it comes to clogged toilets. If you’re in the habit of cleaning your hairbrush over the toilet, stop. Put the hair into the garbage instead – you’ll thank us, and you’ll thank yourself. 

Flushable Wipes

Flushable personal wipes are advertised as more convenient than toilet paper, and they get the job done better. But before you start flushing your personal wipes down the toilet, you should know that not all personal wipes are created equal. Some brands market their wipes as “flushable,” but when you look at the fine print, you’ll see that they’re only flushable if you have a septic system. Even if your personal wipes are labeled as flushable, they may not break down in the sewer system like regular toilet paper. Feel free to use personal wipes, but for the sake of your plumbing, put them in the trash when you’re done. And remember – “flushable” doesn’t really mean flushable in most cases. 

When to Consider a New Toilet Installation

Most of us only think about our toilet when we need to use it, but rarely do we consider a new toilet installation unless there’s a good reason to. However, here are a few signs that indicate it’s time for an upgrade.

  • If you see cracks in the porcelain, that’s a sign that the unit is getting old and may soon start leaking.
  • If your toilet is constantly running or flushing weakly, that’s another indication that it needs to be replaced.
  • If your toilet is over 20 years old, it’s probably using more water than today’s high-efficiency models. Upgrading can save you several gallons per flush, which means more money in your pocket every month.
  • If your toilet looks old and outdated, you may want to consider toilet installation. Replacing it with a newer model can give your bathroom an updated look.

Whether it’s time for a toilet repair or a new toilet installation, our team is ready to provide you with the high-quality services you need to get your toilet running again.

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