Bathtub and Shower Installation in Lewis Center, OH

A New Shower

Is it Time to Update Your Shower?

Even if you spend just nine or ten minutes per day in the shower, that can add up to around 60 hours per year. Because of that, it only makes sense to invest in a high-quality shower system where you can be comfortable while you enjoy your shower. If the time has come to upgrade your current shower system, our team can be there to provide the help you need with a shower installation along with other services such as bathtub installation. When you need assistance with bathtub or shower installation in Lewis Center, OH or the surrounding area, reach out to us. Call 614-681-8870 to learn more about the options available to you. 

Professional Bathtub and Shower Installation Services

There can be a surprising number of things to consider with a shower or bathtub installation. For example, you will want to think about the type of bathtub or shower that is appropriate for your needs. Many homeowners are now opting for walk-in shower installation as it is a much more accessible option while also providing much more space than other options. If you aren’t entirely certain which type of bathtub or shower is best for your needs, one of the professionals on our team can work with you to find the right solution for your bathtub or shower installation.

Another factor to consider is the material that will be used in your shower installation. Various materials can be used for shower walls, including ceramic tiles, porcelain, and marble to name just a few of the choices available on the market today. We use high-quality materials in all of our bathtub and shower installation services, so you can be certain of an attractive and durable fixture once your installation has been completed. 

Understanding the Installation and Replacement Process

When you come to us for help with a bathtub or shower installation or replacement, we’ll work from the beginning to complete the job quickly and efficiently while also ensuring the highest quality workmanship possible. If you believe you may need a shower replacement or a bathtub replacement, we’ll get started by inspecting your current fixture to determine the current shape it’s in. From there, we’ll work with you to determine the best solution. 

After that, we will complete the demolition process to remove the current fixture from your home. We will work to prevent any debris from littering your home during this process. After this, any new framing will be installed for the layout of the new bathtub or shower and the new plumbing and electrical work will be roughed in. Other necessary steps will be taken before the shower or bathtub fixture is installed and finished off with faucets and any other details. 

We’re Ready to Help

Get in touch today if you’re looking for bathtub or shower installation in Lewis Center, OH or any nearby cities. We can also help with other services you may require such as fixture replacement. Call 614-681-8870 today.

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