Sewer Lift Station Repair in Lewis Center, OH

worker repairing a sewer system

Dealing With Sewer Lift Station Pump Problems

Sewer lift stations play an important role in wastewater treatment, as they help move wastewater from areas of lower elevation up to treatment centers. Because of this, they need to be fully functional at all times, and even seemingly minor problems can quickly lead to major issues. However, sewer lift stations are made up of many different moving parts, which means various things can go wrong with them over time. When you find yourself in need of sewer lift station repair in Lewis Center, OH or the surrounding area, you can rely on the professionals at PlumbSure Plumbing and Drains to get to the source of the problem fast and provide the assistance you need. Give us a call at 614-681-8870 and we’ll be there right away to solve your sewer lift station issues.

Common Issues Requiring Sewer Lift Station Repair

Many different things commonly go wrong with lift stations that need to be taken care of immediately to keep the lift station in proper working order. One issue that can arise regularly is a broken alarm system. Corrosion is another common problem and needs to be taken care of to prevent major damage and leaks. Various types of damage can occur with the pipes of the sewer lift station and sewer lift station repair may be required to get the pipes back in proper working order.

However, many of the more serious issues that occur with sewer lift stations are with the pump that keeps the sewer lift station operational. Some of these problems include short cycling, worn-out motors, and problems with the check valve. These problems can usually be identified through signs such as vibration within the motor and excessive noise production.

Our Team is Ready to Help

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