How Long Does it Take to Install a Bathtub or Shower?

shower being installed

How Long Does it Take to Install a Bathtub or Shower?

If you’re thinking about updating your home by revamping a bathroom, you may be considering a new bathtub and shower installation. The focal point of the living room is the fireplace and the focal point for the bathroom is the bathtub and shower. 

Functionality should be your priority when you’re interested in bathtub or shower installation in Lewis Center, OH. There are a variety of options with multi-functional and versatility to choose from today. Each of them has a different design, features, and functionality. 

What are some of the different styles of bathtubs and showers? 

  • The Bathtub and Shower Surround: This is a three-wall alcove tub that includes a built-in shower. This maximizes space with the fourth wall being the bathroom wall. This is the most common style in homes today with a shower curtain on a rod. It is affordable, has a classic design that is timeless, and is a family-friendly choice for a bathtub and shower installation.
  • Bathtub & Shower Combo w/Glass Doors: This style replaces the shower curtain rod with a tempered glass door that encloses the shower area. The glass door comes in different options frameless, semi-frameless, and framed, each providing a level of privacy while providing a sleek appearance.  This is a space-saving bathtub and shower installation option.
  • Corner Tub Shower Combination: This combination is perfect for a small bathroom. It takes up half as much room as the standard bathtub and still has an option to shower. Homeowners have the choice of using a shower curtain and rod or tempered glass doors with this bathtub and shower installation. 
  • Walk-in Tub Shower Combination: This walk-in bathtub and shower installation is a combination designed for easy accessibility and safety, ideal for the elderly and handicapped. Comes equipped with a built-in seat and non-slip floor. 

How much does bathtub and shower installation cost?

Depending on the brand and which of the options we listed above will have a factor in the cost.  The purchase of the units with professional installation can start around $1,000 and reach as high as $10,000.  Like buying a new car, the more ‘bells and whistles’ you choose, the higher the cost. 

How long does a bathtub and shower installation take?

Most bathtub and shower installation jobs can be completed in one day by a professional contractor. However, in some instances, depending on any additional construction and plumbing required can take up to two weeks. The finishing work required like tiling the walls can add another day or two to complete the job. 

What type of support is used underneath for a bathtub and shower installation? 

For any size and type of bathtub and shower installation, you want to ensure it is stable and supported.  This can be done by building a frame or platform, like mortar. A mortar base will keep the bathtub and shower from bowing or sagging. A mortar base also will distribute the weight evenly and keep the unit moving around or moisture from getting underneath the unit. 

What is done first, the flooring or the bathtub or shower installation?

To minimize any possible cracking, scratching, staining, or other types of damage to the unit, the contractor will install the flooring first. Then the flooring is added. 

Do you put tile under the bathtub and shower installation?

No, tile should not be installed under a bathtub and shower unit. If you are installing a clawfoot-style tub with a shower, a tile floor will add to the classic aesthetics. 

What goes in between the tile and the bathtub and shower installation?

Where the tile is installed along the perimeter of the bathtub and shower, the contractor will use caulk.  Once the caulk has come set, a sealant is applied over it to keep it from drying out and shrinking. 

Does Medicare cover bathtub and shower installation? 

No, in most cases, a bathtub and shower installation designed for the elderly or handicapped will not be paid for by Medicare. At this time, it is not considered to be a medical necessity.

Does a bathtub and shower installation increase a home’s value?

If your home currently doesn’t have a bathtub, then absolutely yes, upgrading with a combination bathtub and shower installation. If you’re only going to have this combination in one bathroom, make it the master bathroom and/or on the main floor. 

Depending on the age and style of the house, the style of the bathtub and shower installation will make a difference in the value-add too.  Today, prospective home buyers want a bathroom that is comfortable and luxurious. A standalone, clawfoot tub has been popular for several years and still is today, especially in historic, older homes. 

In Conclusion

Deciding to upgrade to a bathtub and shower installation can be a big decision. Before you make this investment, determine if you’ll be living in the house for a few years, or if you are planning on selling it soon.  Meanwhile, if you need bathtub or shower installation in Lewis Center, OH just reach out to us. Call 614-681-8870 today.